Who Is The Average American?

by Dr. Wendy Schauer, D.C., R.K.C. on May 3, 2012

In 2006 I wrote an article called, “How To Stop Being The Average American” – that was published in Dragon Door’s, “Vitalics” magazine.  Dear reader, I have bad news for you, in the six years that have passed since I wrote my article most of us have gone from being average to below average.  You read that right.  Most of us are worse off physically, mentally, and emotionally in 2012 than we were in 2006.
When have you ever seen a piece of fruit or a vegetable that had the coloring of “Electric Lime Green with Speckled Polka Dots” all over it?  You haven’t.  But kids (and a lot of adults) are consuming these un-natural, sugar laced products day after day.  Another big problem that I constantly see is that more and more people don’t know how to make a meal for themselves unless they can put it in a microwave oven.  Fewer and fewer people are actually able to make anything that would even come close to resembling what could be considered a “home cooked meal”. 
Listen, I know you love your kids, I know that you’re stressed, overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated, but, buying your son or daughter a “Happy Meal” isn’t a healthy way to show them that you love them.  Please, don’t take the quick and easy way out when it comes to food.  The road of “Quick and Easy” eventually leads to the town of “Sickness and Disease”.  You don’t want to find yourself as a resident of that town. 
A few years ago when my receptionist was working for me part-time and attending school full time she had an unexpected car repair that left her with $10.00 to live on for 3 days, until her student loan check would arrive.  I met her at our local grocery store and she asked me how she was going to live on just $10.00.  I took her around the store and we found fruits, vegetables, salad, pita bread, and a snack that she could make meals out of to last her 3 days.  The total price was $10.90 (I gave her the extra $0.90).  Eating healthy can be done.  It can be affordable.  You just have to be willing to do it.
A few years ago the renowned, Dr. Richard Schulze listed some of the things that “The Average American Consumes” on a regular basis.  Here is that list:

The Average American eats a low nutrition high fat and sugar food program..  They consume a diet high in over processed nutritionally deplete food.  They consume 300 soft drinks a year, 170 pounds of white refined sugar, 
400 candy bars, 500 doughnuts, and will eat over 12 entire 3,000 pound cows, 6 whole pigs, 3,000 chickens and other birds and another 3,000 assorted fish and sea creatures and over 30,000 quarts of milk and pass all of this through their digestive system and bloodstream.

The Average American will have an average of 2-4 bowel movements a week coming up 70,000 bowel movements short in their life time, definitely having diverticulosis and digestive/elimination problems.

They will get very little exercise if any, be 25 pounds or more overweight, have hypercholesterolemia with a average level of 200 and have high blood pressure

They take over 30,000 aspirin and assorted other pain killers in their lifetime along with over 20,000 over the counter and prescription drugs and over 2,000 gallons of alcohol.

Those numbers never cease to astonish me.  I have 1 doughnut twice a year when I travel to Portland, Oregon and visit the world famous VooDoo Doughnuts.  That means that someone else is making up for the 498 doughnuts a year that I’m not eating.  I also don’t drink soft drinks (or cola’s depending on what part of the country you live in).  So, again, someone is making up for me and consuming twice as much as I am. 
It’s time for change.  It’s time to step up.  Stop being average.  Start living the life you deserve.
Below is my original article.  After you read it please take a moment to leave me a comment.  I would appreciate hearing your thoughts.
Yours In Health!
Dr. Wendy 

How To Stop Being The Average American!


It’s official: the majority of Americans are now either (1) fat, (2) exhausted, or (3) depressed.  A high percentage are all three!  It’s no wonder that so many people are not living their life to fullest potential and are simply existing from week to week.  We only have on chance to live in this body we inhabit – why not make the most of it?

Break Out of Your Box!
The average American lifestyle goes something like this: We drive to work in a box, we sit for 8 hours inside a box (affectionately referred to by some as a cubicle), we drive home in a box, then we sit in front of our box TV (and if we’re really doing well in life it’s actually more of a flat rectangle), we throw a box dinner in the microwave and then go hop in our box bed for sleep. This cycle continues day after day, week after week.Some may try to vary the routine or change their state of mind by drinking an alcoholic beverage or eating tons of sugar, but this will never give them the feeling of well-being that good health and fitness can provide. There is just no way that an overweight body which is oxygen-deprived can be happy. No wonder we are a country of fat, exhausted, and depressed people. WE HAVE TO BREAK OUT OF OUR BOXES! Oh I have had my own moments of being fat, exhausted, or depressed. At times I would be out of breath just going up 14 stairs to the second floor of my home. How depressing is that? Well, I didn’t remain in that condition forever, and I much prefer my life now – fit, energized, and happy. Believe it or not, a large part of the answer to my troubles was discovered with kettlebells and the multiple health benefits they provide.
Not Your Average Exercise
There is no other exercise out there that tones your body like kettlebells do. They provide a unique combination of strength and cardio exercise to build endurance and stamina like no other workout. It is hard not to feel good when your body is being pumped full of oxygen and you are using muscles like they were meant to be used. I dare you to come to one of my classes and then tell me you’re depressed afterwards – it’s simply not possible! I have exercised my entire life but I have never felt so fully alive until I started working out with kettlebells.

I tried the gym, but I didn’t find what I was looking for. The treadmill did nothing for me and was boring. I lifted weights but noticed no change in my muscles. I began lifting more but my muscles were still nowhere to be found, and it certainly was not helping my back pain or energy level. Now understand, I’m not trying to knock the gym? but for me it just wasn’t the right answer, and I know I am not the only one out there with the same story.

I started working with the kettlebell in November and by December my back pain was gone and I felt more energetic than I had in years. I continued my routine and soon I was getting muscles all over. My abdominals were stronger than I could ever imagine. I could see and feel the fat melting away. My body became strong, supported, and erect ? not the floppy mess that it was. I am now able to use my body to the fullest, and my energy is through the roof. This allows me to see my chiropractic patients until 6:15 at night and then I teach a kettlebell class for an hour, four nights a week. I have more energy now at 40 than when I was in my twenties.

Results in the Real World
Tiffany is my 25-year-old receptionist and is very fit. She usually goes to the gym five nights a week and works out for two or more hours. She heard the buzz about kettlebells and their butt-kicking potential but was very skeptical — they looked too simple and unassuming. After all, she had a trainer at her gym who would put her through what was supposed to be a gut-wrenching workout ? one that would leave her ‘feeling the burn’. But afterwards she felt no increase in energy and wasn’t even sore. She then took my hour-long kettlebell class and said she had never worked out so hard in her life. She realized that she had used muscles for the first time that she never even knew existed.Putting a load on your muscles over time builds stamina and endurance. The body is now able to tolerate activities of daily living with ease. Instead of lumbering up the stairs and being out of breath you will be able to run up them with energy to spare. The ballistic nature of kettlebells is what gives you the power, strength, and stamina to get through your day. To raise the kettlebell over your head repeatedly you have to use all your muscles and cardiovascular endurance. 15-20 minutes a day is all you need to give your body an amazing workout. Even if you begin with five minutes of swings a day you will start to feel changes in your body.I have a woman in my class in her early 60′s named Connie. She has never been able to do a sit-up. Never, not even as a child. She is now able to do sit-ups because she has strengthened her abs and entire body doing nothing more than swings and snatches. Pretty powerful! It was after one of my classes she got pulled over by the police for speeding. She was so excited that she could do a sit-up that she didn’t realize how fast she was going. It’s energizing to have Connie in class because she keeps challenging her body to improve. She will line up three different sizes of kettlebells and will start with the heaviest one. If her form wavers she moves to the next smaller size. She is now using her body as it was meant to be used. As she keeps up the work she will be stronger and more fit than she has ever been.
A Meditative Workout

 As demanding as it may be, a kettlebell workout has a meditative quality to it, allowing the mind to become quiet and calm. When I am snatching the 24 kg bell I am focusing on nothing other than doing it with proper form. I focus on my breathing, my core, and my squatting position. There are no thoughts about what’s for dinner, the dirty laundry, unopened mail or tomorrow’s schedule. All of your attention is on the bell and your body. Your mind is clear and focused. Most of us have that awful monkey-chatter going on in our head. “I’m too fat, I’m ugly, I don’t make enough money, my life sucks.” In a kettlebell class your mind is clear for at least 15-20 minutes as oxygen is pumping through your body, and you are feeling more powerful than you thought you could be. Can you remember the last time you felt that? It may seem minor as you sit there reading about it, but it’s powerful to experience and begins paving a path that can quickly bring benefits to many aspects of your life.

Are Kettlebells For You?

 You may be wondering if kettlebells can work for you. Start by thinking about exercise programs or products you have tried in the past. Now consider the characteristics and benefits of kettlebells and decide for yourself.
  1. They are easy to use. You don’t have to add weight onto a machine or change elastic bands. You don’t have to know how to dance or have rhythm. Once you have learned the correct technique for two simple moves – the ‘snatch’ and the ‘swing’ – you are ready to go. There is not a big learning curve.
  2. They can be used anywhere. Kettlebell exercise requires very little space. I started working out in a hallway near my living room, which was a very small area. I have worked out in my garage, the parking lot at my office, in my yard, and in a hotel room. Kettlebells are small enough to take anywhere and you can store yours under your bed, under your desk, behind a door, or in your car.
  3. They are effective. You will work on your cardio, strength, and flexibility in just 15-20 minutes a day. Most of us who worked out in the gym are used to isolating muscles. When doing a bicep curl you use the bicep only and no other muscle. That’s why it takes so long to do all the exercises in a gym. With kettlebells you use all the muscles in your body to perform the exercises. There are no separate exercises because the butt, abs, legs, and arms all get worked at the same time.
  4. They are challenging and fun. People stop going to the gym because it gets old. I usually will stop an exercise six months after I start because I get bored and I don’t get the changes I expected. I have been doing kettlebells four times per week for a year and I haven’t gotten bored yet. There are so many exercise choices that you never lose interest. Figure eights, cleans, clean and jerk, hot potato, lunges? the list goes on. If an exercise is fun, gives you results and isn’t time consuming you will stick with it. That exercise is kettlebells.
  5. They will strengthen your weak or strained areas. I’m a Chiropractor, and recognize that kettlebells strengthened my spine and core so that I no longer have back pain. I tried pilates, yoga, weight lifting, treadmill, elliptical, bicycle, walking and aerobics –all of them worsened my pain. With kettlebells I am now pain-free. I have clients with shoulder pain, hip pain, back pain, and neck pain. Many of my patients have been to multiple physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists some with minimal change in their pain. All have experienced improvement by using kettlebells. I got my Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC), not just to teach the average person, but to help my patients when they had no quality of life due to pain and weakness. It warms my heart when I see someone’s life start to change.
  6. They will save you money. I’m not talking about the price of the kettlebell. I am talking about the money you will save on doctor bills. When I injured my back there was an entire year when I was being seen 3-4 times per week for chiropractic adjustments, 2-3 times a month for acupuncture and twice a month for massage. That sure adds up. The kettlebell price is also very reasonable considering it will last a lifetime ? you can’t wear them out!
  7. They will help you break out of the box! They will prevent you from being a typical American. You will no longer be able to sit at your desk for longer than 20 minutes because you will notice how strange it feels not to move. You will begin to eat better because you will take more pride in your body. When you are pushing your body to new limits it begins to naturally crave different sources of fuel. You will be fit, energized and happy because your body will be functioning at a higher level.

The Power to Break Out of Your Box

How can kettlebells change your life? They will give you power. Physically you will be stronger than you ever imagined. But you will also be amazed at the other changes in your life. I have become more powerful in all areas of my life. My business is better, my interactions with others have improved, my whole outlook on life is better. I have a sense of confidence and know I can do anything I want to. Bring on whatever life has to offer?because I’m ready. Kettlebells have given me this power. I want you to experience these same changes for yourself. It’s time to pick up your kettlebell now and stop being the average American!
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Dr Wendy, Is there a starter program for people who want to use kettlebells?
Scott Sylvan Bell
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Now go implement!

Clare Delaney May 4, 2012 at 7:37 AM

Good grief, those food statistics are nothing short of astonishing! Fast food and factory-farmed meats are particularly non-eco friendly too. Thanks for the info!

EcoFriendlyLink.com – the Genuinely Green website
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Suzanne Laramore May 4, 2012 at 9:46 AM

Most people don’t realize that all carbs are broken down into a form of sugar but this is especially true of refined carbs. I find lowering my consumption of refined carbs increases my overall energy and mood.
Good article.
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Tiffany May 4, 2012 at 10:41 AM

This is a great blog Dr. Wendy and I completely agree that people (myself included) need to step outside of their boxes…Both physically and mentally!

Marina May 4, 2012 at 1:05 PM

Those statistics are disgusting..
I am so glad you have written about this
issue because it helps open eyes to this topic.

Lyle R. Johnson: The Sales Wizard & Mentor May 4, 2012 at 6:46 PM

Terrific Post(s) … mediocracy in all phases of American life … from the top political figures to the overweight Wal-Mart helpers.

Cherie Miranda May 4, 2012 at 11:29 PM

YEAH! Thanks for posting this! I, for one, am healthier than I was in 2006…so I guess I’m not the average American. I so agree with everything you’ve said here! Thanks again!

Cherie Miranda
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Michael D Walker May 5, 2012 at 12:10 AM

I loved the article and agree with you! I’ve tried doing some light kettlebell work but am never certain if I’m maintaining the proper form. Do you recommend any particular DVD program for those of us who can’t travel to train personally with you?

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sonya Lenzo May 5, 2012 at 6:00 AM

I actually got a little claustraphobic when I was reading aouut all the “boxes” most North Americans live in! So glad that I hav moved to Costa Rica.I dont drink soda either, or eat doughnuts or much meat so someone else is WAY over the limit!!!
Sonya Lenz

marc May 5, 2012 at 1:21 PM

What you say about average American is quite controversial and resonable to understand.
Thanks for sharing that.

All the best,
Octavio Urzua

Jc MacKenzie May 6, 2012 at 1:58 AM

Thanks for reminding me about kettlebells. I’m actually not certain as to why I stopped using mine. Your post was motivating.

Be Well.

Lyle R. Johnson: The Sales Wizard & Mentor May 6, 2012 at 7:42 AM

I agree, yet I believe we should emphasize “accountability” – eat less / eat the correct foods – and not have the government dictate – e.g. eliminate “super size it” (sure, fat people loved it, so now they have to buy two servings … our astute leaders really solved that nutritional problem. (Of course, maybe I am too Liberal – LOL.)

Bryan May 6, 2012 at 1:20 PM

Those are shocking numbers…and sickening.

Sales Expert

What Is Body Language May 6, 2012 at 3:16 PM

absolutely great article, right on the target.
In Bulgaria you can hardly see obese people on the streets. But you can see many running to catch the bus. People rely mainly on public transportation.

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Dan May 6, 2012 at 3:32 PM

i finally can be extra proud of being extremely below average! ;>)

Annie Born May 7, 2012 at 4:35 AM

Thanks so much Dr Wendy!
So important!
Looking forward to tomorrow!
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Shane Aric May 8, 2012 at 12:16 PM

WOW! Huge Post! I never Drank Soda until I started Working at McDee’s at 14. Over the years I have been on and off with that. Now I have finally found a way to have my soda and be a bit more healthy, Seltzer Water with stevia!

Never Ate donuts until about 28 but now I am hooked. Still… Not every day but when I do have one I have more than one. It really is a treat because I mostly stayFAR from Wheat.

But yeah this post is Eye Opening!

I think that just maybe taking these steps now would put you at such a greater advantage in life than eany other time in history,… Since SO many people are so unhealthy.

A different way to look at it but hey….

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Kevin Hogan May 8, 2012 at 6:10 PM

I was amazed at the amount of sugar we consume, that is absolutely astounding! Kettlebells will probably be on the list next time I go to amazon. Wouldn’t drinking that much milk be good?

Mark Hogan

Lyle R. Johnson: The Sales Wizard & Mentor May 15, 2012 at 6:50 PM

The terrible conditions of the Average American Diet certainly point to the need of a diet like the Paleo Diet.

Lyle R. Johnson

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